Fight like a girl – comic style WIP2

Fight like a girl – comic style WIP 2, the story continues. In the last post about this project I was showing some pictures about the structure of the base ans my initial thoughts about the composition. this post will be about the painting.

Painting the base

On this project I started to paint the base and that was for two reasons. One, I felt like I needed some training in using black and white first. Second, the face on Alyx kind of scared me (and still does!). At the moment I will leave the text ballons to make it easier to paint the base.

For the base I used two colors from the Black paint set by Andrea colors, the basetone wich is a grey color with a hint of purple, third light wich is a pale grey and black. The Andrea colors are really matte and I thought that it would suit the base and look like a black and white print. For the white I used Ivory from Vallejo model color. That´s the colors that will be used for this project. Ok, not pure black and white but close enough for this kind of painting. I started with a grey primer for both Alyx and the base using Grey surface primer from MIG.Primed

The small wallsection on the base would draw some attention in the base so I started with that part and tried to block out the dark places first. If I would do it again I would probably change direction and go from light to dark insted of the way I did now with dark to light. At this point I also blacklined the medicine jars on the flor as well as added a bright white line on top of each jar. I also blacklined the floor tiles as well as did a thin black glaze to mark out where Alyx shadow should be. The light was done with the Andrea basetone just to mark where I should start.1

I added more and more light to the wallsection by adding white to the basetone and then the painting began. I glazed the floor with a medium grey to have something to work on as well as take away some attention from the floor. Here is a pic with Alyx placed on the base to try out the direction of the light. 2


The wall has some work left but since I like to do paint a bit here and then a bit there just to see the piece growing i decided to start on the floor. A darker wash of grey was put on the tiles and then the highlighting began. I didn’t want the tiles to have the whole range of tones from pure black to pure white so I didn’t go all the way in the shadows on each tile. Here is a picture of the first steps on the fron tiles.5I continued with the floor and was trying to get the light in the same direction as Alyx shadow and the light on the wall.



After the basic parts of the floor got some paint I started on Alyx skirt and tried her on the base. One of the (many?) tricky things are to remember which way she will be placed on the base, because if I miss the light the whole piece will fail… This is how the whole piece looks at the moment, now it´s about time to try to do a brushstroke or two!14

Until next time, keep your brushes pointy and your colors wet!

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