Fight like a girl – comic style WIP 1

Fight like a girl – comic style.

well this one will be a real challange. During our last painting session with all of the MiniPainting members I was given Alyx from Hasslefree miniatures as a gift. If I painted her in a comic style and used black and white as the main colors. Ok…so, a black and white miniature and with inspiration from comic books. Of course I will try to do this (insanity I know!) but I will use one more color just to do the miniature and her base a bit more interesting.FLAG WIP 10

Will it work? I have no idea.

Am I scared about this project? Of course!

At first I was thinking about using the book and wand arms wich are included in this miniature and was thinking about a young female wizard of some sort. I really didn’t know where to start. But during the night an idea started to grow and I was thinking about some dark hospital scene.

So I started to make small medicine jars and some pills that would be spilled on the floor. Later on the small wall section took place and then it hit’s me! The scene needed some lettering ballons to capture the comic spirit.

Building the base

The base was built using mainly plasticard, I choose with small squares on as the floor section and then pieces of plain plasticard as the walls. The medicine jars was made by small pieces of a old sprue wich I drilled a hole in. The pills was made from a really tiny piece of round plastic wich I just sliced to small pieces and attached to the base using Matte medium. I used the Matte medium because I didn’t want to risk having visible┬átraces of superglue on the floor. Now all that’s left was some milliput and sanding.FLAG WIP 1 FLAG WIP 2FLAG WIP 4FLAG WIP 5FLAG WIP 7FLAG WIP 9

Really quite simple structure and I wanted to keep it pretty much plain because of the way it should be painted. This is the scene ready for some primer.

I will keep you updated on this project as soon as I have some more to write about it, but that’s all for now.

Untill next time keep your brushes pointy and your colors wet!


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