Workshop with Rogland in Uppsala

Yesterday all of us at Minipainting took part in a workshop with Rogland (Robert Carlsson) in Uppsala, Sweden. The content on the workshop was to focus on blendings, glazing, NMM and skintones. The NMM part was in focus but it included the parts of blending and glazing.

It was a happy buch of people who showed up in Uppsala saturday morning. Decpite the cold and rainy weather everyone was very happy and excited about the day. Robert started with his thought´s about the day and an introduction to the different techniques and NMM followed by a live explenation about how he paint´s.

Since Robert works with both Studio McVey and Vallejo they both decided to sponsor the workshop with one miniature and one NMM paint set for each participant! Wow, thank´s a lot Studio McVey and Vallejo!MiniNMM paint set

The miniature was Commander Dargu cast in high quality resin. What a sculpt, everyone was trying real hard to actually find some mouldlines on there miniature. Once again, Studio McVey have proven themself to be a high class company!

The NMM paint set was excellent and with a good selection of colors as well as a folder about painting NMM metal, as always the colors from Vallejo was top notch!

We even got the option to add a base to the miniature since both Micro art studios and Tabletop – art had supplied enough bases for everyone! Both companys bases was cast in resin and with sharp details, I like them a lot!

Participants are starting to show up and unpacking their stuff!Emilio Unpacking1 People1 People2

Robert gives us an insight in his way of painting!I swear, it was that big! Robert1 Followed by a live demonstration of the NMM. Demonstration 1Demonstration 2 Then it was up to us to prepare the miniatures and give it a go for ourselves!Tough decision Participants1 Lars1 Lars and Arvid Everyone is happyNow it was time for lunch, and what suits a painting workshop better then pizza!Lunch1 Lunch2

Back from lunch and with a smile on our face (we even spoted the sun for a second on our way!) Now everybody was really eager to contiinue painting while Robert was talking to us about how to improve on our miniatures.

With lot´s of picture been taken here is some of them in a gallery, both people painting, WIP´s and result after the day. Enjoy!

And at last, the brave painters who took part in the day! I belive that everyone who took part was satisfied about the day and went home with new ideas and inspiration, I sure know I did. I even continue to paint when I got home that night!;)

I would like to summarize this with a big thank you to Robert who came and showed us his way of painting and to Arvid who was the mastermind behind this event. All participants


Untill next time, keep your brushes pointy and your colors wet!

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