Workshop with Rogland in Uppsala

So the all of the three minipainting members decided to get a bit more social and went on a airbrushing workshop with Robert Carlsson (Rogland).

The event took place in one of the local hobby stores here in Uppsala and the number of chairs for the event was limited to 10. With this few participants there was quite much time for questioning and help as the event was divided into theory and hands on help with models of our own.

The one hour of theory quickly became two and we discussed everything from basic stuff like ‘this is an airbrush’, how to clean it, how to mix paint, how and where to use the airbrush but also stuff like pigments, complementary colors, contrasts, lights and many other things. It was all very interesting, even though I suspect both Denniz and Lars knew much of this already.

After the theory session it was time to start working on objects of our own. I brought a GW Hellbrute, Lars a GW Dreadnought and Denniz a Hellwarrior bust from Vertigo.

The evening went on very fast and I believe all were pleased with the workshop… As for my self I will do this again if I can.



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