Lilith WIP

Here is a WIP post on Lilith for Malifaux. This miniature is part of the Mother of monster crew box for the game Malifaux and I´m planning to paint the entire crew sooner or later. So far I have painted the Cherub and one of three Terror tots (well, one and a half to be honest, the base is still left to do on the second Terror tot).

Lilith was meant to be a practis miniature, wich meant that i would try to do many things I tend to avoid, like painting black, NMM and tattos! So far I have had a hard time painting this mini but I´m slowly seeing the end of the tunnel as I feel like one thing after another kind of works. Have it been easy, no! Did I enjoy it, well yes!

Here are some pic´s on my progress on here.I´m sorry that I don´t have pic´s on every step but I think you will get the idea anyway.

First step of painting, my initial ideaa was to give here black hair instead of the usual red.Lilith1 I then started to block out colors aruond the skin parts to see how it would look. Lilith2Lilith3 Then I suddenly changed my mind and gave her red hair again. I have also started to paint the trousers and sword.Lilith4 A test on how she would look on the unpainted base.Lilith5 I blocked out the colors for the base, added a few orange/red stones for som variation.Lilith6 A quick test with the miniature on the base to see how it would look, still verry rough.Lilith7I started to highlight the base and this is pretty much her current status. I hoping to have her done in the next two day´s.Lilith8


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  1. I just found your blog, and really have to say bravo! 🙂
    As much as I love the new Malifaux plastic sculpts, I hate them just as much because I’m not able painting them in a proper way. My main problem is the face and especially the eyes, so I’m really glad you’re sharing your knowledge with us 😉
    If you have any tipps for painting those parts I’d really appreciate it.
    Really looking forward seeing more of your great looking miniatures, keep up the awesome work! 😀

  2. Thank you simon!
    Yeah, the Malifaux miniatures are quite a challange, but that´s also that who makes them so much fun to paint!
    About tips, when I paint a face i usually do the basecouat and a first shadow then I go for the eye´s. That way I don´t risk messing upp the face when painting the eye´s later. I do the off-white on the eye and then outline it with a rather dark shade of the basecolor (I might change that later depending on the look I´m after). Then it´ss the pupil with a dark blue, green, grey or whatever color i want the eye to be. I try to avoid pure black if I´m not after a special effect of some sort. I pretty much think it´s about that. I can try to do a whole blogpost about it later.

    1. Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts on that topic, very helpful.
      I’ll definately try out your tipps. A whole blogpost about that issue would be nutz, would be awesome if you’d find some time for it 🙂

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