A quick game of Malifaux

The other day me and Lars had the opportunity to play a quick game of Malifaux (actually Lars played two, but who´s counting?). It was gaming night at a local gaming shop in Uppsala, Sweden called Fantasia (really nice place, go check it out if you are in town).

the game was with 25SS and I brought some Ortegas lead by Perdita with me and Lars took his Resser crew lead by Douglas McMourning.

The Ortegas

Perdita Ortega

Nini Ortega

Santiago Ortega

Guild austringer

Witchling stalker


Douglas McMourning

Zombie chihuahua


2 Canine remanis

Rotten belle

Punk zombie

I must admit that for once I did draw good card´s when needed and at the end of the last turn I had lost my Witchling stalker and all that was left of the ressers was Douglas McMourning. I won´t try to do a battle report here other that tell you that it was a great game/night with lot´s of smiles and laughs from both of us. And I really look forward to next time!

A quick game of Malifaux - 25SSA quick game of Malifaux - 25SSA quick game of Malifaux - 25SS

Sorry for the low quality pic´s but that´s the best I got during the circumstances.

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