Pre-vacation update – motivation fails sometimes

This time of year, when summer has arrived and the vacation is creeping around the corner, it can be hard to motivate why one has to spend so much time indoors. Okay if it was spent painting šŸ˜‰ But hey, it’s not vacation yet!

Vacation time againI thought I would write a short update, there will soon be some new pictures from the WIP corner, and hopefully some completed projects to write about. This week I’ve mostly spent working on building terrain. The ambition is to have a Malifaux gaming table before summer’s end. Given the time one has to spend on ones hobby (yeah, we’re all still dependent on our day jobs…) it’s a quiteĀ ambitiousĀ undertaking.

In the department of honorary mentions I thought that it’s worth to point you to this blog postĀ by Games Workshop. For those of you who does not spot theĀ familiarĀ name, have a look at this minipainting post. Personally I think it’s really awesome, but that’s me šŸ™‚

I will make some effort to complete a couple of gaming table pieces this weekend.

I also have the ambition to play some Malifaux in the coming week, and let us not forget that next weekend will be a spectacular WIP weekend featuring a Malifaux tournament. Me and Synthet will come together for a long weekend (since it’s national holiday here in Sweden), painting and glueing away on minis and wargaming terrain. And being the planners we are we forgot to sing up in time for the Malifaux tournament that will be helt at my local gaming store Fantasia on the 8th, but we are both on the reserves, perhaps they will have a last minute drop off and we can have Ā some playtime. But anyway, we will be there hovering the tables.

Until next time, don’t forget to keep the paint flowing!


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