The Gob’z’heroes – Indiegogo

Gob_z_heroes-ENI have this… love… for small the green men. Let it be orcs, aliens, gretchins… or or these goblins. So I just wanted to give you guys a hint of where you could get some very nice detailed miniatures for a good price.

The kickstarter (is it called a kickstarter on Indiegogo too?) is a relaunch after Marvel got in their way with some criticism of the likeness/inspriration of ‘some’ (all??) of the gob’z… But as I understood the issue was resolved as some of the names and painting done to the Gob’z were changed.

And now it’s relaunched at Indiegogo. Go and have a look.

Brik A Brak – The Gob’z’heroes

I’ll make sure to write a small review as soon as I’ve gotten my models.



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