The Toad king

A little while ago I finished the Toad king from Aradia miniatures. It was a complex miniature with lot’s of things beeing painted and repainted. And I tried out four different bases until I finally decided on this one. It’s a miniature that brought me both joy and despair andd at some points I even considerate throwing it in the trash because I couldn’t make things to work. But in the end I stuck to it (thank’s to theĀ support over at twitter) and in the end I found some joy of painting in him as soon as i started to focus on finish him rather then trying to get everythiing as good as possible. Sometimes you just have to get the project done and not trying to hard on the result. And as that kind of paint job, I’m rather pleased with him.

I choose to change his sword to a staff and put him in a more sci-fi styled enviroment. The staff and base was made using parts from a Mini cooper in scale 1/24 wich suited him rather good. 1/35 might have been a better scale but I took what i have at hand.

I will probably trying to take better pictures of him later since he look’s a bit to blue in the pictures but I thought I would show him anyway.

Toad king collageUntill next time, keep your colors wet and your brushes pointy!


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