Zombie hunter or little zombie girl

I recived The zombie hunter or Little zombie girl from Kellerkind miniaturen a few month´s ago and I know that I wanted to du an underground scene for that one, and since I´m a huge fan of Metro 2033 I went for a subway station. My first impression of the mini is that it´s packed with details and the resin seems to be high quality. This is my first mini from Kellerkind miniaturen but not my last!!

I build the track with balsa wood and plastic card and used regular gravel as the stones. The nails was made using paper clips and some wood glue. The platform itself was made using plastic card with a square pattern (really handy stuff!).unnamed

At this point I have put all colors in place and will continue with the details and some tuch up´s. This will be a pretty fast paint job to get my spirit back after the Toad king. So still, WIP but I have a lot of fun!Zombie hunter WIP1.3Zombie hunter WIP1

Untill next time, keep your colors wet and your brushes pointy!

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