Kromlech Pilot – WIP 1

As said in earlier posts I’m somewhat inlove with the green dudes…. may it be turtles, orks or goblins….

Anyway when Kromlech came out with a ork pilot I knew I had to buy it. It has been in it’s blister ever since but now it was time to pick it out and see what i could do with it. Also it was a perfekt time to try a few new paintsets I ordered just before this painting bash. Scale75‘s ‘Wood and leather’-set and the ‘Orcs and Golin’-set.

The color selection of this projects should be something like a mix of the Japanese WW2-colorization and the classical GW orkish style.

KromlechPilot1 (1)KromlechPilot1 (1.1) Unfortunately I could not finish it during the painting session and have to leave it at maybe 75% finished.

I also started to play out the base in my mind. Earlier I got a few bits from Denniz from an ork flier that I could try to do something with. Combining them with some plasticard, bits from some space marine sets and green stuff it played out pretty nice. I want it to end up looking like a plane crash with the pilot standing on the wing asking him self ‘what the hell happened’.KromlechPilot1 (2) KromlechPilot1 (3)KromlechPilot1 (4) KromlechPilot1 (5) KromlechPilot1 (6) KromlechPilot1 (7) KromlechPilot1 (8)

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