Malifaux painting tutorial Terror tot part 1

So I´m painting the Malifaux Terror tot and got a question on twitter about how I did the skintone. And so this Malifaux painting tutorial was born. I´m sorry that i don´t have pictures of every entire step but I was painting and didn´t thought that anyone would be interested in seeing this.

I´ll guess I´ll even makes a whole serie about the Terror tot. If someone is interested that is! In this post I´ll try to explain how I started out the skintone on the Malifaux Terror tot. I won´t provide exact recipies since because,

  1. I don´t recall the exactly recipie
  2. I´ll usually just paint and don´t worry about the recipie

I started to prime the miniature black using matte black from Vallejo model color with my airbrush, then I sprayed him from above and where the light would hit him using White from Vallejo air color.

I realized that since I mix colors it´s hard to understand exactly how the end result should look, but if anybody is intrested I did paint the colors on a piece of paper (my pallet was to messy, no one could look at it without having a brain meltdown…). As you can see the white paper has a hint of pink/purple in it, that´s a reflection but still, it shows colors somewhat accurate.colors


The first layer of flesh was made using a mix of Brown sand (VMC) and Black leather (Scalecolor), I would guess it was about 3 parts Brown sand and 1 part Black leather. 20140918_134648Next I mixed in a drop of dark blue (I used the final shadow from the blue paint set from Andrea). With this mix I started to pre-shadow the miniature, spraying from the feets and up, the same way as I would do zenithal priming but I turned the miniature upside down. When this step was done it was time to put away the airbrush and bring out the regular brushes (my favourite part!).20140918_134701

Now the mini looks like this.20140918_102735

I started to mark the deepest shadows using a mix of Dark sand, Black leather, and Brown leather (Scalecolor). This was used as a glaze just putting the colors where the shadows would be.20140918_134737

The next step was to take add a drop of the dark blue to the last mix, making the darkest shadows even darker.20140918_134747

I then added a tiny bit of Purple ink to the mix and did a glaze wich I carefully glazed over the skinparts. The glaze should be so thin that it just gives you a hint of a change in color on the skin but adds more deep to the shadows.20140918_134809

Now it´s time to start building up the highlight´s, I use Dark sand, a tiny bit of purple ink and a tiny bit of white. This mix should be very thin, but not as thin as a glaze. I used this mix to mark out the strongest highlight´s. I keept adding white to the mix until I got a result that I was happy with. At this stage I also painted the eye´s. Starting with blocking out the whole eye using black leather and then painted the eyeball off- white. the pupil was painted using a mix of Black read from Vallejo model color and a tiny drop of black.20140918_1348521411034195205

To add more purple to the skin I did an ultra thin glaze of purple ink and white and carefully glazed it onto the skin.

This is pretty much as far as I have gotten at this point, I will add some more glazes to the skin trying to smoothen out the skin and make some interesting color shifting. I´ll summarize the rest of the skin up in my next post!20140918_121915

Seconds after this pic was taken I tried to adjust the mini on the base (Don´t ever do that using force!)  and of course, I broke his arm. I´ll se if I can fix it or if I´ll try tu use the “scars” as just scars or something. Time will tell!

Untill then, keep your colors wet and your brushes pointy!

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