A night of painting

Last friday 2/3 of minipainting get together at Lars for a painting night! This time a friend of us, Peter decided to join us as well. Our newest member Arvid stopped by for a chat on his way to work.  After a hard week at work, a night of painting is just what I needed! As soon as the car was packed I went to Lars.        20140912_173525


Peter was working on some malifaux miniatures and Lars was painting on Menhom from andrea miniatures, his first 54mm miniature! I was mainly painting on the Malifaux Cherub.

Not much more to say than it was a very pleasant evening/night (don´t think we stopped until around 04 o´clock in the morning!). Here are some pictures from the painting night!20140913_00513620140913_02053720140913_02054720140913_005201

I don´t remeber the content behind this picture but seeing that look on Lars face I must have said ” no more beer for you mister!”;)20140913_005132And of course, the wet pallet (aka the painters selfie!)20140913_005142I´m sorry to say that I didn´t get any decent pictures of Peters Malifaux miniatures, wich is a pity since he did a very good progress! But I did got a pic on the current state of Menhom and the Malifaux cherub (wich I have been continuing to paint after this evening. A few newer pic´s on the cherub is on my twitter page).20140913_02472220140912_231444


Untill next time, keep your brushes pointy and the colors wet!

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