Mr.Tannen – Malifaux

MrTannenBaseLately I’ve felt like there has been something missing with my models. Even though the results of my painting been somewhat satisfactory the models has felt boring and not very inspirational enough to start with a new one right away. Then it hit me (after looking at stuff from Denniz, Robert with others) that what I’ve looked for is to add that something that made the figurine interesting to look at…

MrTannenManIt was missing a base… That little thing makes a story out of the model. Not necessary a story that I tell, but something the viewer imagines. So well… I went to Denniz and from him got a starting hand on how to build a base, what material to use and also a bit of how to think.

Trying a few models I decided to scrap all ideas of those I own and bought the Malifaux model Mr.Tannen…

The result? For something that took 3-4h in total with building and painting I’m rather pleased with the result.



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