Project Hope WIP

I would like to show you some WIP´s on a project of mine that I´m working at. I guess it´s almost finished but there is still some part´s I will do different or repaint.

My initial thought´s of this project was to create a post-apocalyptic world but with a small glimpse of hope, I wanted to do something dark but still with a feeling that “everything will be allright”. And having wanted to paint Rose from Hasslefree miniatures for a long time, this project was born.

During the project I changed a lot of thing, mainly on the base. I added stuff, removed the stuff I recently added and so on. It might seems unstructurated but I call it a “living project”, I don´t controll the entire prosess, the project and I lives together and making our little “reality”  together.

Here are some WIP pictures on the making of the base and some painting.

Untill next time, keep your brushes pointy and your colors wet!

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