WIP Jedi from guild of harmony

For this post I want to share some WIP pics of a Jedi from Guild of Harmony (I love the miniatures and I will get some more soon!). I bought that mini some months ago and started to paint for 2-3h a few weeks ago. Then I left it…I felt that the mini was not a fun that I had hoped or it might have something to do with the current motivation.

But that changed about a week ago. I was looking at the mini and almost sent it into the trashcan, but somehow I stopped and started to build a base instead. Not with this mini in mind but it turned out that they will work fine together. So suddenly I was painting the Jedi again, and did 1-3h per night for a few nights and suddenly things started to come together, slowly but it did!

This is the current status on the Jedi and i will do some more work on this mini but for now it will rest for a few day´s and then I will pick it up and finish him. Anyway, enjoy the pic´s!Jedi collage1

Untill next time, keep those colors wet and brushes pointy!

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