Project Pandora – primed and ready

YWU – Yet another WIP Update.

The Easter weekend and bank holidays came and went (and then some …). Being free from work would spur the creativity you might think, and it did, to some extent. I really got a lot done, but as always there is time when you cannot do anything, like when you are waiting for the Milliput to harden… And let us not forget, the occasional new project that slips in between 🙂 I will post some WIP post on the other stuff I’m working on as well, but let’s try to focus for a bit now, shall we? 😉

At least I got 6 out of 7 minis primed and ready! The Poltergeist is taking a bit longer then I expected, but Pandora, the Sorrows, Baby Kade and Candy are all ready for some paint to be thrown on them.

No shelter here crew

I am also quite pleased how the basing turned out. The result was much better than I had hoped for. I went with my usual approach “Just put sh*t on the base and hope it fits (results may vary from time to time)” – TM. Sometimes I’m not sure where it’s going until the base is primed, but the result is usually good anyways.

Pandora – Image gallery

Next time I will post some general WIP updates on some of the other stuff I’m currently working on. I have a Blood Angels model. And an Andrea 54 mm miniature in the works. Bu I’ll save that for later.

Until then…

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